Green Design Services

  • Architecture and design of IGBC / LEED / GRIHA compliant buildings, including conceptual planning, schematic design and documentation.


  • Interior design to create healthy, productive and beautiful spaces in compliance with the IGBC Green Interiors standard.

Green Building Consultancy

  • Green building advise for ensuring complaince with IGBC / LEED / GRIHA standards
    • Feasibility study to assess a project's current level of compliance
    • Energy, daylight and artificial lighting simulations
    • Detailed cost-benefit analysis resulting in recommendation of specific green features and alternate materials to incorporate into the project to achieve the desired rating


  • Green building certification - Facilitation of IGBC / LEED / GRIHA certificationriors standard.

Project Management Consultancy

  • Construction planning, scheduling and monitoring as per green building norms
  • Ensuring cost control and completion of project as per schedule
  • Construction supervision to ensure quality and adherence to environmentally sensitive practices
  • Advise on material procurement and purchase orders
  • Certification of bills for contractors and suppliers