“ Every person who has come and seen Anbagam is awe-struck at the concept, has been appreciative and has extended help to make this dream project of Anbagam a reality only because of the beautiful plan conceived by Green Evolution. I found Green Evolution to be open during discussions and found a willingness to accommodate ideas and incorporate it into the planning process. ”

— Sudha Ramalingam, Human Rights Advocate and Trustee, Manonmani Trust

 “ Green Evolution took the time to understand our functional requirements and priorities. They designed the space to fit in with the existing constraints. For instance, it is a 40-year old house whose foundation may not have supported another floor. Hence a light weight addition was designed. They also kept in mind our desire for ventilation, energy saving, eco-friendly measures, and to avoid destroying existing landscape features like a bamboo clump on one side of the house. ”

— Radhika Rammohan, Founder, Restore Organic Store

“ It was great that our ideas could be incorporated in the design of our home with of course expert inputs from the Green Evolution team. Aesthetics, usability and ecofriendliness were all part of the design. There was an open communication in spite of our being physically away from the location. There were several revisions and modifications as per our requirements and the process was pleasant. ”

— Dr.Priya Chockalingam, Cardiologist